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How To Stop Avast Antivirus From Blocking Websites?

Avast antivirus, as of this moment, is the first choice for many users concerned with the security of their systems. The reason behind this is comes in not one, but two folds; for one, the antiviral tool is extremely thorough, flushing out the discrepancies from the most insidious of places, the second reason is its variants, the antivirus comes in both free and paid versions. It is perhaps because of the former fold that the application is extremely overzealous and therefore can be used to block websites. But this utility comes with an added drawback; sometimes the most legit websites are blocked as well.

To relieve you of this malfunction, Avast Support Number Ireland is here you to educate about the procedure that you might want to imply if you want to surf the web in a more wholesome way.

Steps To Prevent Avast Antivirus from Blocking Websites

  • Launch The Application:To complete this obvious step, click on the orange icon. This icon represents the antiviral software. This would first put the app on to the system tray. To get to the user interface, right click to access the contextual menu of the icon and select “Open Avast! User interface”.
  • The Additional Protection: All the options pertaining to the auxiliary and restrictive protections are available under the “Additional Protection” tab. This option would be present at the left side of the window. Under this click, there is an option called “site blocking”. Click this option to help yourself to a list of websites currently being blocked Avast.
  • Remove The Site Individually From Being Blocked: to do this, click on the websites given in the lists acquired from the previous step, and then click o the disable option present on the other side of the application window. You have to disable the blockage of each and every website individually. Holding on the “ctrl” button would not be helpful here.
  • Completely Unhinged: To make sure that avast never blocks any website in the foreseeable future, navigate towards the “Enable site blocking” box present at the top of the screen, and uncheck it. The utility would be completely disabled.
  • Finishing The Steps: finally, close the Avast! User interface and return to the desktop. Check now if whether you can access the previously blocked websites.

If you require any more assistance pertaining to the antivirus, contact us on our Avast Tech Support Number Ireland +353-766803285. We would assist with not only the subscriptions or provide you with a discounted rendition of the product. But also would assist you with its most insidious and devastating issues.

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